• Welcome to Evolution Salon. Evolution is an Aveda concept salon where your experience is as much about the people (both staff and clientele) as it is about how you look when you walk out the door.  At Evolution, there is a passion for hair. You can see it in the styles, you can see it in the products, and you can see it in the knowledge of our staff.  At Evolution, there is a passion for community evident in our support of local businesses and in our work with charities that are near and dear to our hearts. At Evolution there is also passion for personal discovery and growth. We tend to seek out new experiences and embrace the opportunities they provide for changing who we are as people. This passion has led us to create what we call the “Random Act of Evolution,” which, at its simplest, is doing something outside of your norm and being open to the experience.
  • A Random Act of Evolution is a little action you can take to step outside your personal routine. The thought is that the conscious effort of seeking a new experience, no matter how small, will have an effect on the person you are right now. It may even be the catalyst for some life-altering event. You never know if you don’t try. Random Act of Evolution: Take a different way home from work on Wednesday. Humans are creatures of habit, and our drive to and from work is a perfect example. Every day we travel the same roads until we become numb to our surroundings. Instead, shake up your routine and find a new way home. Be sure to take some time to look around when you do. You never know what great restaurants, funky shops or cool neighborhoods you might discover.
  • A Random Act of Evolution is a little action you can take to step outside your personal routine. The thought is that the conscious effort of seeking a new experience, no matter how small, will have an effect on the person you are right now. It may even be the catalyst for some life-altering event. You never know if you don’t try.
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    Aveda's NEW Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight:

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    In celebration of 25 years of its iconic Shampure aroma, Aveda has introduced a new Hand & Body Wash, & Body Lotion that harness the brand's signature scent.

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    Style Gallery

    Evolution Salon participated in the Fall Denver Fashion Weekend Hair Show.  Our theme was a native concept & we could not be more pleased with the result of our team's hard work! 
    See No Evil #1
    See No Evil #2
    See No Evil #3

    Evolution in the Community

    Most recently Evolution Salon teamed up with one of our local schools, Cesar Chavez.  The misssion of Cesar Chavez Academy Denver is to prepare Denver's children for success as young scholars, citizens of the world, & community leaders by providing them with an ambitious academic program in a supportive & challenging learning environment.  Our most recent collaberation was a variety of artwork provided by the 5th graders of Cesar Chavez that we proudly displayed throughout the salon.

    Tales of Evolution

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  • Apiphany: Salon Manager

    Apiphany Caro is a Colorado native & has been a lifetime user of Aveda products, working for the network for over 3 years. She is a recent graduate of the University of Colorado Denver with a Bachelors of Science, emphasis in marketing.  Apiphany loves that learning never ends with Aveda & throughout the years she has continued to gain knowledge about Aveda through productivity courses as well as Aveda Business College courses. “I love sharing the Aveda culture with guests, from the products we make to the ways we give back. I also love providing the Aveda experience guests know and love.” Her top three favorite products are Enbrightenment Brightening Treatment Toner, Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight & Brilliant Spray On Shine. Apiphany's top beauty tips are: always wash your face before you go to bed & bold lip color.

    In her spare time, Apiphany loves to fix up furniture. She frequents garage sales & searches for classic pieces & refurnishes them. She also enjoys cooking & spending time with her friends & big family.

    Hal: Salon Coordinator

    Hal was born & raised in Colorado & enjoys watching our daily sunsets against the mountain skyline. He comes to Evolution Salon with a Bachelors of Science in International Hospitality from Northern Arizona University. Hal is a man of many traits: in high school, he was a member of the marching band for four years, played the drums, & participated in the color guard. He also was formerly involved in competitive cooking through ProStart & Johnson & Wales. Hal appreciates the exchange of knowledge he receives from his colleagues & our guests, the creative atmosphere & the high energy his position accompanies.

    He feels the change of seasons inspire him to try new styles, & loves sharing his creativity with others. His top 3 beauty tips are key: rinse hair with cool water following conditioner to close the follicle & add shine, a little eyeliner goes a long way, & always moisturize before applying makeup. n Hal's free time, he enjoys camping & hiking, & looks forward to watching more concerts at Red Rocks.

    Melanie: Salon Coordinator

    Melanie is a Colorado native and has been in the Aveda network since 2012. She has a passion for skincare, makeup & excellent customer service. She enjoys working at Evolution Salon because of the people & the relaxed, yet upbeat atmosphere.

    She enjoys spending her free time with her fiance and son the most. She also enjoys watching live shows, taking her son on walks, & nerding out with her fiance playing video games.

    Brittany: Stylist

    Brittany prefers to go by just B & she has been in the industry since 2009. Her favorite part about doing hair is the ability to make someone feel beautiful about themselves & vibing out to all the positivity in our salon is her favorite. She enjoys performing all hair color services, hair styling in general & working with curly hair is one of her favorites as well. Some highlights of her career thus far have been attending a 2-day class with Aveda's Global Artistic Director Tippi Shorter, attending Aveda's industry festival in Minneapolis 3 times & the ability to do what she loves every single day! A couple fun facts about B are that most of her fingers are double-jointed & she has a small obsession with elephants. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her adorable son & all his craziness, & attending sporting events & concerts. She loves living in Denver for the easy access to both the mountains & the City & is her happiest when she's surrounded by the people she loves & has had plenty of sleep. What keeps her feeling creative is continuing education & continuing to work with all different hair types & colors. A few beauty tips she recommends are: home hair care is essential, coming into the salon every 4-6 weeks for a refresh, & using one of Aveda's conditioning treatments for shine = happy, healthy hair.

    Des: Stylist

    Deseray has been in the industry since 2007 & is an Aveda hair cutting Purefessional - an Aveda title that is a goal for many educators, but is also a career path that requires a lot of hard work, dedication & superb technical & teaching skills in order to become. She loves teaching her craft to her co-workers & peers, & watching them expand their knowledge. Her favorite part about being a Hair Stylist is the ability to let her artistic abilities flow. Runway shows, fashion & working amongst her fellow co-workers keep her feeling inspired. In her free time, Des loves to travel with her boyfriend. In fact, she has a yearly goal to see 3 new places. She's also obsessed with her dog & loves helping dogs in need. She loves living here in Denver as all of her Family lives here as well. She has 3 Aveda products she swears by: Confixor as it will give you shine & hold to retain your style/Dry Shampoo & Dry Conditioner for second.. or third day hair/Aveda's paddle brush is her favorite for tangles & healthy hair.

    Georgette: Stylist

    Georgette received her education at the Aveda Institute St. Petersburg in Florida. To enhance her cutting skills she went to work for Toni & Guy where she became an Art Director. She ended up moving to Denver & really missed working with Aveda . She is passionate about Aveda's mission & its beliefs & wanted to pursue joining an Aveda salon.

    She was born in Tampa, Florida. She grew up with a passion for hair. Since she was 10 years old she has been putting on fashion shows & practicing hair on her friends. She is always following the newest trends in fashion & hair. She enjoys thrifting, shopping, makeovers, makeup, cats & is a foodie.

    Jessica: Stylist

    Jessica brings over 15 years experience in the industry, as well as extensive advanced training in the World of Aveda.  Education is very important to Jessica & she loves to share her knowledge with her fellow stylists & her guests.  Her specialties lie in no fuss haircuts & fabulous color.  She loves funky fashion colors just as much as providing subtle sun-kissed highlights.  "Just finding the perfect color for my guests is very satisfying!"

    Although Jessica is a Colorado native, she has spent much of her career in Portland, Oregon.  When she is not helping her guests look & feel their best at Evolution, she enjoys spending time with her daughter, whipping up healthy creations in the kitchen & focusing on healthy living.

    Jessica E: Stylist

    Jessica has been in the industry since 2012 & is also an Educator at the Aveda Institute here in Denver. Her favorite services to perform are the challenging ones - color corrections, transformations, & any fashion colors. One of her favorite aspects about doing hair is anytime a Guest comes in with a challenge, or is experiencing difficulty with previous results, she loves to go above & beyond to try & make them feel extra special & love their hair again! She also loves makeup & braiding. Her favorite part about being a Hair Stylist is getting to see her Guests evolve into a more refined version of themselves. A couple fun facts you'd be surprised to know about Jess is that she was home-schooled her whole life & anytime she encounters otters, she cries... seriously! When she is not working, Jess feels the most inspired being in nature, being in the woods near water, hiking, biking, & anything involving dogs or just animals in general. She also enjoys to travel & wished she did more of it, dancing, yoga & eating at one of Denver's many tasty restaurants. Random acts of kindness & continuing education also keep this girl feeling inspired! She feels the most beautiful when she is 100% authentically herself - vulnerability & openness help her to achieve that authenticity. She enjoys going makeup free in sweatpants where she can relax & just be herself :) A few beauty tips she recommends are: don't be afraid of dirty hair. Colorado is so dry that going 2-3 days between washes is recommended. Drink lots of water - what you put in your body shows up on your face & hair. A hydrated body means hydrated skin & hair. Lastly, if you seek voluminous hair, try using Aveda's Dry Shampoo & wearing your hair in a loose ponytail or bun on top of your head at night & it will keep your hair voluminous all day long!

    Katie: Stylist

    Katie loves doing hair for the creative freedom it allots her, & because she enjoys making people look & feel their absolute best! Her specialty lies in creating the perfect blonde highlights, but she also enjoys working with the entire Aveda color line, as well as haircuts, blowouts & waxing. She gained a tremendous amount of inspiration from attending Aveda's Congress festival in Minneapolis in 2013, & learning from some of the best in the industry. Being a lover of color & highlights, Aveda’s Damage Remedy line is her hair savior! She loves living in Colorado for all of the outdoor activities it has to offer, & enjoys playing tennis. Most of her free time is spent with her puppy, Millie who keeps her active & adventurous. You will often find Katie & Millie at the dog park or in the mountains on a hike.

    Laurel: Stylist

    Laurel has been doing hair for 5 years & enjoys making people feel beautiful, & making a difference in how her Guests see themselves. She loves doing short women's haircuts & color, especially bright fashion colors. She loves learning & improving her skills doing makeup for movies & photo shoots, & considers moving to Evolution Salon to be a highlight of her career. She stays on top of trends by watching YouTube videos & what's trending on Instagram. Her top 3 beauty tips are to have your hair trimmed at least every 8 weeks, invest in good hair products because you're worth it, & every shower needs a conditioning treatment given Colorado's dry climate.

    Outside of the salon, Laurel loves the lifestyle that Colorado brings & always feels like there's so much more to explore. She enjoys discovering new hiking trails, camping & finding new spots to enjoy a weekend. She also enjoys spending time with her family & playing video games. Something her Guests would be surprised to know about her is that she enjoys dressing up in costumes & attending "nerdy"conventions.

    Lilly: Stylist

    Lilly is Evolution's newest stylist, & has been doing hair with Aveda for over two years now. She joined the hair industry because she loves to see her guests leave feeling beautiful! Her passion lies in men's, women's cuts, as well as blow-outs, ombre & balayage, & brow design.

    Lilly loves to see live music & trying new cuisines. When she's not in the salon, she is typically spending time with family & friends. She is a cat person at heart but loves dogs too, so if you are a pet lover, Lilly is your girl! She always has a smile on her face & is one of the most easy going girls you'll ever meet!

    Micaela: Stylist

    Micaela has been doing hair since 2012 & the services she enjoys performing the most are high-end looks that are easy to maintain. She loves balayage, color correcting & multi-dimensional looks. Her favorite part about being a Hair Stylist is helping people look on the outside how they feel on the inside, & making a difference in someone's day. Micaela is also a smart cookie having graduated as valedictorian of her class. A couple highlights of her career thus far have been interacting with Ian Michael Black, Aveda's Global Artistic Director & receiving hair color feedback from Jo McKay, Aveda's European Technical Hair Specialist. She is currently taking the necessary steps to become an Aveda Hair Color Purefessional. The always evolving Aveda network, seasonal colors, nature & her fellow Aveda Artists are what keep this girl feeling inspired. A fun fact about Micaela is her love for cheese - she claims to be able to eat an entire pound of it in an amount of time she's not proud, nor willing to admit ?? Other than being a turophile, she also enjoys taking in live music, dancing, camping & hiking. She feels the most herself when she is relaxed & when her outside image reflects how she feels on the inside. She loves living in Colorado for the 4 seasons of beautiful weather, camping & the red rocks. Micaela recommends using Aveda's Dry Shampoo at night before bed to wake up feeling shampooed. She also adds Aveda's composition to her scalp before shampooing in the shower as the oil draws out oil for an extra clean scrub, while leaving moisture as well.

    Maggie: Stylist

    Maggie is a recent graduate of the Aveda Institute Denver, graduating with high honors, & has been doing hair for almost 2 years. She loves being a part of the Evolution Salon team & thinks it's amazing that she gets to meet so many great people everyday & combine that with her passion for doing hair. She loves doing color, highlights & rocking out a great pixie cut!

    She moved to Colorado from Iowa & loves the weather here, spending time outdoors & discovering new breweries with outdoor patios to suck up the beautiful weather. Her fellow stylists inspire her the most as she feels very lucky to get to learn from them every day. She is a hip hop & rap lover, & believes that a bold lip color "fixes everything". She also suggests bold brows, winged eyeliner, a good skin care regime, & believes good heat protectant for your hair is a must!

    Oceanna: Stylist

    Oceanna comes to Evolution with experience in the industry from 2013. Her favorite part about being a hairstylist is constantly getting to be creative & learning new things. Her passion is color, but she loves being able to create a whole new look for her Guests. The highlights of her career thus far are all of the amazing people whom she has met & that made an impact on her. A fun fact that her Guests would be surprised to know is that she is named after the ocean, but her biggest fear is the ocean. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her two girls, Rori & Jaylynn. She enjoys exploring & being outside, & she would like to spend more time doing outdoor activities. She is inspired by her environment & other passionate, creative individuals. She loves living in CO because of its beauty, the people & the culture. She feels the most beautiful when she has her makeup on & hair done. Her top beauty tips: use correct products for the healthiest hair & wash your hair only 1-2 times a week.

    Robin: Stylist

    Robin has been behind the chair doing hair since 2013. She enjoys making her Guests feel good & helping boost their self-esteem. She also loves how fun the salon environment is - it doesn't even feel like work to her. She specializes in balayage & makeup. This girls makeup skills are on point as she is consistently learning from Youtube videos & Instagram. She loves that her Guests allow her to tap into her creativity. She considers the highlight of her career thus far being her transition to come work with us at Evolution Salon! A fun fact you might be surprised to know about Robin is that she attended Catholic School for 9 years. When she's not doing hair or makeup, she loves working out & going to concerts. She's also a huge foodie & loves discovering new restaurants. She loves getting glammed up with a full face of makeup & throwing on some high heels to elongate her 5" frame. She is a Colorado native & considers this her home, however she wishes she spent more time in the mountains. A few beauty tips she stands by are: use a serum & moisturizer at night before bed, use Aveda's Beautifying OIl to remove stuck on eye makeup, & when applying false lashes, allow the glue to become tacky before applying.

    Sarah: Stylist

    (bio coming soon)

    Vicky: Stylist

    (bio coming soon)

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    Because we care as much about our planet as we do about your hair, we carry a full range of earth-friendly Aveda hair care, skin care, body care, air care, makeup and men’s products.  We also use only Aveda 99% naturally derived hair color that preserves the integrity of your hair while creating beautiful, natural, long-lasting hues and color consistency. Whether you purchase product at our salon, or through Aveda online, you will find everything you need to keep yourself looking beautiful on the outside and feeling beautiful on the inside.:Browse Aveda Products At Evolution, walk-ins are always welcome; however, we recommend scheduling an appointment.
    Hair Services: Men’s Haircut $35 and up. Women’s Haircut $45 and up. Child’s Haircut $25 and up. Single Process Color $60 and up. Partial Highlight $70 and up. Full Highlight $80 and up. Blow-dry Style $35 and up. Up-do $45 and up. Other Services: Brow Tweeze $15 and up. Brow Tint $15 and up. Makeup Application $35 and up. Botanical Therapy Treatment Add-on $25 and up. Botanical Therapy Treatment Stand-alone $45 and up. Additional services available upon consultation: (Prices vary according to service and individual needs.) Extensions. Thermal Reconditioning. Permanent Waves. Corrective Color. Wedding Packages and Special Events: Whether you want to create a special day at our salon or would rather have us come to you, Evolution is happy to work with you to create a beauty package for your wedding party or group event. Please call us for a free consultation.
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