Botox, Blowouts & Bubbles

Evolution Salon Botox Blowouts Bubbles

Evolution Salon is proud to be partnering with RedBud Medical Aesthetics & Tanna Donalson.

Botox, Blowouts & Bubbles

Saturday, April 28th at 5:00
Evolution Salon – 4500 W 38th Ave, Denver 80212

Event Details:

-Botox: $10 per unit
-Blowouts: $50 (includes thermal styling)
-Champagne & light hors d’oeuvres provided

Space is limited, you must call us at (303) 2-EVOLVE to reserve your spot.

A $50 deposit is required to guarantee your reservation. The deposit will be put towards the cost of your Blowout during the event.

More Information:

About Redbud Medical Aesthetics:
Redbud Medical Aesthetics logoRedbud Medical Aesthetics provides services in a comfortable, laid back atmosphere where your concerns will be heard and we will create a custom, feasible plan for you to achieve the look you desire. Redbud was birthed with the intent to care for people in a way that helps them thrive emotionally, professionally, and personally. A person is far more than skin deep and we know this quite well. There is no sense in trying to fix what’s on the surface if we don’t know why it’s there to begin with. There’s nothing we can’t talk about, nothing we can ‘t navigate through and no problem or damage too great that we together can’t come up with a plan to overcome. This business is the love child of a dream the owner had to find a way to advocate for people, mostly women, to find their voice and be heard, to regain lost confidence and to feel amazing in their own skin. It is a joy and a pleasure doing this kind of work, watching people literally come to life as they achieve the results they desire!

About Tanna:
Tanna DonalsonTanna Donalson is a Physician Assistant who has practiced Emergency Medicine for the last 11 years and has also worked in Plastic Surgery and Dermatology for the last 7. She realized early on that she could make aesthetics more approachable for people than it has been in the past and she set out on a mission to do things a little differently. She has spent considerable time in Africa and is passionate about taking care of women and meeting them where they’re at. She loves nothing more than to advocate for women; help them find their voice again, and help them restore what the world has slowly taken away from them, which is how Redbud Medical Aesthetics was birthed. Aesthetics in an approachable, laid back atmosphere, where your wishes will be heard and together, you will develop a custom plan built only for you.